4 AMATA Hotels And Resorts For Your Family Trip To Myanmar In 2020​

You can enjoy the amazing landscapes, unadulterated cultures, and fascinating cuisine during your visit to Myanmar. While you are on vacation with your family, the hotel you choose to stay needs to be good and comfortable to make your trip smooth and memorable. AMATA is one of the leading local hotel groups, featuring mid-range modern hotels and resorts in most of the travel destinations in Myanmar.

The 5 Most Popular Beaches You Must Visit In Myanmar​

Many unbelievable, exotic, beautiful beaches are existed in Myanmar shoreline. These beaches in Myanmar are popular for their gorgeous pearl sands, the crystal clear waters, and the budget accommodation options. There are 5 most popular beaches you must visit in Myanmar.

Oriental Ballooning: The Best Way to Explore the Main Tourist Destinations in Myanmar

Oriental Ballooning, a syndicate of leading hot air balloon professionals in the tourism industry in Myanmar, provides the most comfortable way to enjoy your vacation. If you have a dream about flying like birds without flapping your arms, Oriental Ballooning is definitely the right opportunity for you and the perfect choice for the person who usually struggle in picking a destination. Just get in, the wind and the pilot will do the rest. Wherever you want to be without using your foot, the balloon, will take you where you want to be and enjoy awesome things.

Popular Travel Destinations You Must not Miss in Myanmar

Are you choosing the next country where you can enjoy new experience for your holidays? Then, Myanmar, known for thousands of pagodas and ecotourism, would be next country you should explore. Here, we suggest six travel destinations when you are planning fully to enjoy your holidays in Myanmar.

10 Hidden Gems for Your Bucket List to Discover Myanmar Beyond the Regular Tourist Trail​

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